Handyman Services

Do You Need a Handyman Service?

Home maintenance and home repair are facts of life when you own or rent a home today – like housework, they’re unending, sometimes a pain to do, and can cause real problems if neglected too long!

Many homeowners, however, are juggling work, family, church, volunteer work, and trying to find a little time to relax – which is why finding a good handyman to take care of those chores can be a godsend.

What does a handyman do?

It varies – but it’s often those plumbing, electrical, construction, or gardening jobs that are too small for a professional, specialized contractor to do.  (Although many professional handyman companies today employ professionals like plumbers, electricians and home decorators to work on specific tasks.)

In short, a handyman can do almost anything if it concerns repair, maintenance, renovation, etc.

1. Repairing and remodeling – A handyman can help you get your bathroom, living room or any other living space remodeled, in addition to fixing broken items. This includes carpentry for furniture, plumbing for taps and electrical wizardry for appliances. Roofing and fence repair are other common jobs which a handyman can often do for you.

2. General home maintenance – If you are too busy to paint that chipped wall or powerwash and stain that faded deck, a handyman can do it for you. Garbage removal and cleaning services, flooring and masonry are other basic services. Interiors or exteriors – a qualified handyman working with a reputable company can do several small jobs that are generally forgotten or neglected.

Wisely chosen, a professional handyman can help you keep your house in top-notch condition throughout the year. Yes, they charge a fee but if you consider the time and effort they save you, it’s worth every single penny spent.

  • Punch List Pros

    Not familiar with the term "punch list"?
    It's generally a list of tasks that need done in order to satisfy the terms of a construction or real estate purchase contract. These are the issues or deficiencies that people note during the final stages of a purchase or construction deal.
    The term "punch list" comes from the fact that people used to punch a hole in the paper next to the tasks that had been completed.

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Common Repairs

We do a wide variety of remodeling and home repair jobs, such as:
  • painting;
  • drywall repair;
  • repairing leaky faucets;
  • window replacement;
  • kitchen and bath remodeling;
  • washing, staining & sealing outdoor decks, stairs:
Not sure if we can do it? Simply call and ask! No job is too small.